Dear Tennis Aficianados,

I have followed Sarah Pang since the day I discovered her facebook page "TenniswithSarah" somewhere early 2015.

On this page, she reveals her ups and downs in the professional WTA pro journey...

It is always easy to write when you have just WON and share the elation but to be able to write after you have been just defeated... it takes really a tonne of courage.. 

Well she still does it.. and writes very beautifullly capturing the emotions as well the processes in her journey..

In sports we support people for many reasons

- People who are winners 
- People who are talented (eg. Messi, Federer)  
- People who survive and succeed against all odds ( e.g Nick Vujicic and our very own Jason Chee , who lost both hands and legs)

In Sarah's case when she made the switch to tennis at age of 19 .  She was a late starter.
She went to Spain and took on a warden job in Spanish Tennis academy in order to train for free for 1.5 years. During this time she survived on $200 euros a month.

So with dogged persistence, she continued to improve and competed in her first WTA tournament at age of 26.

In her third ever Womens Pro-Circuit tournament, she reached the quarterfinals in women’s doubles and clinched that prized WTA point.

This year, Sarah has decided to play the Womens’ Circuit full-time—and focus on making history on the WTA. 

But she would need the plenty of financial resources.

So if you ever harbour a bit of ambition of competing the circuit but do not have either the talent or the time, why not support Sarah Pang, our very own Singaporean WTA professional player.

It can be small contribution of $5 or a big one of a few thousands. 

Her journey is commendable and certainly she deserves our support.. Whatever the amount, you would have given Sarah plenty of legs up...

So let's contribute at

Albert Teo
Author: Albert Teo