Name of ProgrammeImpacts on How You Think As A Coach” - Coaching Psychology
Date & Time
2 May 2012, Wed (7pm – 10pm)
Lecture Theatre W4B, Republic Polytechnic
9 Woodlands Ave 9, Singapore 738964
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$50/- for Non-NROC members
25 Apr 2012.
CCE Hours
3 hours

Course Description:

Sport Coaching is multi-faceted. Coaching Psychology is one of the research topics that is rapidly developing and we now know a great deal more about coach knowledge, ideal coach behaviours, and coaching effectiveness,   Education has an important role to educate and create awareness among coaches on behaviour and methodology. This presentation will highlight recent developments in coaching psychology, including the ideal knowledge and leadership behaviours of coaches.

Speaker Profile:

Gordon A. Bloom is Associate Professor of Kinesiology & Physical Education at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, where he has been working since 2000. One of his roles was Undergraduate Program Director of the department from 2005-2009. Prior to this appointment, he was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Fresno where he was awarded the Provost Award of Excellence (1997/1998) based on excellence in teaching, research, and service.  Bloom is currently director of the McGill Sport Psychology Research Laboratory ( where his research focuses on applied and theoretical aspects in the areas of sport, physical activity and health promotion. The primary goal of the research in his lab is to create positive sport environments so that athletes can reach their ideal states of human performance. Current research focuses on coaching knowledge and behaviours, leadership, team building, and post concussion injury rehabilitation. He has received funding from the various organisations which include Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Coaching Association of Canada, Fonds de la recherché en santé du Quebec, Programme quebecois de soutien a la recherché sicentifique en sport de haut niveau, Centre National Multisport, Montreal. In 2003-10 he chaired various conferences and symposiums in areas of Sport & Exercise Psychology and Physical Education.

Associate Professor Bloom holds several Journal Board memberships which include the Journal of Sport Behavior (2003-2010), International Journal of Coaching Science, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. In addition to research papers, Bloom has reviewed several books, including Motor Learning: Concepts and Applications (2003, McGraw-Hill; 7th edition), Safety in Ice Hockey (4th Volume).


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