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A recent ST article (13 Nov 2011) on Singles dating through the shared interests has struck a chord with Editors at LearnMatchupandPlay.com. Some excepts:

Teacher Karen Lin had never been to a singles' event - she often found the settings too contrived.

But in February, the 28-year-old paid $30 to spend half a day with about 30 other singles learning archery and sports chanbara, a freestyle form of Japanese fencing.

That the event, organised by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), marketed itself as a sports clinic first instead of a singles' activity had all to do with Ms Lin taking the plunge.

"There was a task at hand, so it was not awkward - unlike over a meal where you might not have much else to focus on except your date," she said, comparing the experience to traditional matchmaking activities.

While she was not hit by Cupid's arrow, she felt that the classes helped widen her social circle. She formed her own sports interest group, comprising four other classmates - male and female - to practice archery. She is also keen on registering for other sports clinics later this month.

With a task at hand (e.g learning a new sports), it seems a lot easier to make friends through a learning process.  If you are single,  our sports networking portal will allow you to do among other things

- Create a Sports Profile
- Start a common interest group. (by sporting interest and  location e.g)
- Invite people to join
- Initiate discussions within this group
- and then move on further to initiate a group meeting
- and best of all engage a professional coach to manage the whole learning process for the group meeting
- and have fun doing all of these

Take charge of your life. Be both the initiator and the participant.

Go ahead , create a Sports Profile today.

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