How to achieve Precision + Spin in Tennis forehand

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In today's modern tennis, SPIN seem to dominiate most strokes.  But is it possible to have HIGH precision and HEAVY spin together ?

Well I believe the following players are able to achieve these day in day out
- Roger Federer
- Stan Warinka
- Rafael Nadil
- Gael Monfils

IMO these are what I believe they are able to achieve HIGH precision
- More Forward and extended forearm action before wrist wiping
- Last miniute wrist wiping

In other words the control of the wiping action is limited to the wrist as opposed to both the forearm and wrist.

In terms of physics, we would know that more length means lesser control.

We are effectively shortening the length of control to only the wrist action.

However it is still very important to understand that we still need the body rotation to generate the initial power.

So instead of thinking of the kinectic chain in series of evenly timed action

legs push up, hip turn,shoulder turn, elbow, forearm extention  and then wrist wipe

I would urge reader to think in this way of the kinectic chain in unevenly timed action

legs push up (shortened but with both legs push), hip turn (shortened), shoulder turn, elbow lift (lengthened), forearm extension (lengthened), and finally wrist wipe

Obviously the contact point has to be way in front for the 2nd to happen

The skills require both legs to be pushing up into the rotation almost at the same time.

In other words, think like:

Body Rotation to generate forward and upward action of hand throw and wrist action to impart the spin

Think of how Dart throwers achieve precision and you won't go wrong :


Albert Teo
Author: Albert Teo

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