Dear Reader

In today's modern tennis, SPIN seem to dominiate most strokes.  But is it possible to have HIGH precision and HEAVY spin together ?

Well I believe the following players are able to achieve these day in day out
- Roger Federer
- Stan Warinka
- Rafael Nadil
- Gael Monfils

Dear Reader,

Much as been written about the TENNIS forehand mechanics from a Swing and Kinetic chain perspective.

Generally there has been a lot of emphasis in loading of the outer leg as part of the initial swing process. 
From the many videos that we see of PRO players on the circuits , it is quite apparent this is a very important component.

Sharapova Serving
Dear Reader

I am sure most of us season players have often experienced ball contact problems when serving.

As a coach I would break down the reasson due to the following root causes
- ball toss
- setup readiness

Many coaches focus on good ball toss, or rather how to get a consistent ball toss. But they forget about the readiness of the body setup to MEET the ball.

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