Wed, Feb 20, 2019

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I am looking

  • to LEARN a new sports
  • get reviews on coaches from existing students
  • to hire professional coaches services

Parent of Interested Learner/s

I am a Parent who is

  • keen to find out more about a sports
  • keen to engage a professional coach for my child
  • find nearby group lessons for my children to join


I like to

  • Create my school group
  • Network my school or CCA players with other schools
  • Network with other school teachers 

Club or Condo Manager

I like to

  • Network my club or residents members
  • Run and communicate social bonding programs 


I want to

    • maintain contact with my past and existing students
    • Look for new students
    • manage my training schedule on-line
    • network with other professional coaches
    • ($300 per year per account)


I love to

  • network with other newly trained players at my level
  • arrange hitting sessions at convenient time and place
  • learn a new sports through other students recommendations